27 June 2016
Winding candidates up the wall

We have been talking to our candidates and taking notes on all the annoying things recruiters do. In order to continue and develop our business and to be the best of the best, we have compiled the list of informed notes to highlight what candidates biggest bug bears are throughout the recruitment process and what they hate the most. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Recruiters don’t keep candidates up-to-date

This is one of the most common responses candidates had when we asked them. We advise all recruiters to keep candidates warm with constant communication throughout the process, at least once a week. Even if we have no news, we like to check in and let them know what the update is.

  1. The hiring process is slow

Another popular response from candidates. The recruitment process can be slow and not hearing back ourselves from the company is frustrating, but imagine what the candidate is thinking. Again, the constant communication will help avoid candidate’s disappointment on speed.

  1. They get in touch without knowing the person at all

“I find that recruiters just troll LinkedIn for candidates and don’t actually look at my profile.”

This is annoying. We all hate cold calls; despite who they may be from. Targeting the people who are most likely to accept the job and then researching them before you reach out is the most effective way to recruit passive candidates.

  1. Recruiters don’t give straight answers

We asked candidates to explain this one. Recruiters are not allowed to spill all the job details in one go until they have at least met with them or the candidate has had their first interview with the company.

One candidate explained, “Recruiters tend to oversell the company. It’s hard to get an accurate idea of the good and the bad.”

The top advice is to never lie or over exaggerate the company the candidate is being lined up for. This will only back fire if there were to take the job and realise it was nothing like what was mentioned. The only solution for this bug bear is to be up front and honest to keep everyone happy throughout the process.

  1. Recruiters know nothing about the job they are filling

You don’t need to be an expert in the job you are filling, but you need to have a good understanding of what the role entails and have examples of the work responsibilities that will be given to them. All of this comes from a proactive meeting with the company in question where you receive as much information as possible to relay back to the candidates when you speak with them.

This all may sound pretty straight forward, but sometimes the simplest things can go amiss. If you use email to contact clients, then read our blog here on how to attract and grab their attention.

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