23 August 2017
Will you be using your holiday entitlement this year?

49% of Brits don’t use full holiday allowance

New research commissioned by Monarch Airlines have discovered a worrying fact- half of Brits don’t take their entitled holiday allowance due to ‘not having enough time’.  How does this affect work/life balance?

The survey asked 2,000 Brits about the importance of work/life balance, attitudes towards holiday entitlement along with time management skills.

Rob Foulkes, Head of Digital & Marketing at Monarch commented on the recent findings:

“It’s interesting to see that so many Brits wish they could go on more holidays yet, almost half didn’t actually use up their full holiday allowance last year. That’s why we’ve created the Flights Quicker Than Tool, to help Brits find out where they can save time and make the most of the holiday they are entitled to.”

The results from the survey showed that 15% of those asked won’t be using all of their allowance, losing on average 4.6 days of holiday entitlement a year. While 49% said they feel like they don’t have time for a holiday, 44% said they can’t afford to take the time off work. The study also revealed that one in five British workers who do not use the full holiday entitlement regret doing so, and 37% regret working long hours which in turn makes them miss out on important ‘me’ time.

For those who do use their full holiday allowance, 33% admitted that they regret not switching off digitally and spending their own time checking work emails and social media accounts when they could be enjoying the company of friends and family. Read our latest article about switching off this summer here.

From the research, Monarch has highlighted Brits top seven tips on how to manage time both at work and at home to create more time for holidays:

  1. Make to do lists (49%)
  2. Create a schedule for tasks, make it a routine (20%)
  3. Bulk cook meals to save time later in the week (20%)
  4. Put a time limit on watching TV/films (13%)
  5. Digital detox/regular social media breaks (11%)
  6. Work from home to save time commuting (10%)
  7. Get public transport to free up time on the journey e.g. read, emails (7%)

Summertime is often a quiet time for businesses, especially Recruitment agencies, as Brits scramble to the nearest airport to reach some much-needed sunshine. But if you are like a third of the country, you will reconsider your job options during your time away. If this is you, then get in touch today to discuss your circumstance along with your dream job.

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