23 August 2017
Will you be quitting your job this Summer?

Each year, we speak of the importance of employee retention, especially following their summer holidays. The summer can bring mixed emotions for employees during this time. Some feel a sense of relief and relaxation following a summer break, allowing time to get away from work stress and start back fresh and ready to take on the world. For some, the summer holidays bring the opportunity for people to think about their current circumstance when they finally have the time to get away. For a quarter (28%) of Brits, holidays inspire the time for a job change.

According to latest the survey conducted by Kronos, the dread of returning to their jobs can be too much and adds to career dissatisfaction, with only 17% of UK workers having these thoughts when at work. So, do holidays and time away from a company provide time to evaluate and make changes? For most people, switching off on holiday is difficult and they feel the need to stay on top of things whilst sunning themselves on a beach. This is done by monitoring work emails, social media accounts and even taking calls whilst abroad.

The research found that 60% of Brits would like their job to be more engaging. Furthermore, two-thirds (66%) of British employees feel under appreciated by management. This isn’t the first time we have heard these reasons for people being dissatisfied in their roles. If businesses continue to fail to engage and appreciate their staff, they’ll have trouble retaining them causing staff disruptions and needless expense trying to hire a new recruit.

Recruiting for longevity has been the top of many lists over the past few years. Companies want to find candidates who are passionate about their roles and have goals and ambitions to stay within the organisation. By challenging staff and rewarding them when necessary will go a long way in retaining them over the years, especially during times such as the summer holidays. With work-life balance creeping up the agenda for most professionals, companies offering flexibility have a better chance at retaining talent.

If you are a business owner motivating and engaging your employees may not be on the top of your list, but it should be because:

  • Better service levels for your customers leads to repeat business and a good company reputation
  • Sickness and absences are likely to decrease
  • Better safety in the workplace as the more engaged employees are less likely to cut corners
  • If staff are happy, they won’t want to leave so your recruitment costs go down

If you are considering job hopping this summer then get in touch with us today. The summer may not be the reason for the change, however a coincidence with things at your current company not going to plan, but by finding the right job at the right company will go a long way in securing your happiness throughout the entire year.






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