9 June 2018
What to NOT say during an interview

There are many things we say day in and day out to our friends, colleagues and loved ones without giving it a moment’s thought. But when it comes to being sat in the hot seat during an interview, there is no time like ever to watch your mouth. The good old saying of ‘think before you speak’ has to be drummed into you before you walk into that room. A simple ‘hun’ or ‘mate’ can come across rude to some interviewers and may give the wrong impression of you. Remember that you are talking to a potential new employer, not your mate down the fish and chip shop innit.

Business Insider has compiled a list of the rudest things a candidate can say in a job interview. Here we have picked out our best ones from the list – can you recall ever saying this in an interview?

  • ‘Hi! I know I’m late …’

If you are late, then apologise. If you are traveling to the interview and you know you are going to be late, it is polite to call ahead and tell someone at the office to pass on the message. Traffic isn’t your fault, but not leaving enough time to get there is.

  • ‘Dude/honey/girls/ladies/man’

As we said before, it may be habit for you to casually call people ‘man’ or ‘darling’, but this is not appropriate to your interviewer. They may take offense and you don’t want to miss out on your dream job over a honey.

  • ‘Hi — let’s get started’

Just no. This is rude and takes away the control from the interviewer who is the one conducting the interview. Be polite and patient.

  • ‘I … I … I …’

The point of the interview is to discuss yourself, but rambling on and on about how amazing you are will just put someone off you. The purpose of the interview is to find out how you can benefit the company and should always revert back to that.

  • ‘Are you married? /Do you have kids? /How old are you? /etc.’

They say to have questions prepared for your interviewer, but personal ones such as this is not appropriate. The questions need to be focused on the job role and the company, not to find out how many partners the interviewer has had.

  • ‘I heard this rumour about the CEO. Is it true?’

Don’t be a gossip. No one likes an office gossip and even if you want to find out about a rumour, there are other ways to get the answer rather than from the employer themselves. Show you have done your background research on the company, but keep it professional and in line with your role.

  • ‘What does your company do?’

If you’re asking this question, then you shouldn’t be sat at the interview.

  • ‘I don’t have weaknesses’

Yes, you do. Everyone has weaknesses, but the way you illustrate how you’ve learnt from your mistakes and wanting to improve will go a long way.

  • ‘How did I do?’ or ‘Did I get the job?’

You may be dying to find out the answer to this question, but this is not how to do it. Asking an alternative question such as ‘Is there anything on my CV that concerns you?’ or ‘Is there something that we have discussed today that makes you think I may not be suitable for the role?’ is better. This will give you a second and last chance to prove that you are the right person for the job.

You want to charm and woo your interview, not put them off you. Do so with correct language and by preparing beforehand.

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