11 September 2018
What to wear for an interview in 2018

This can create more nerves and attention than the actual interview itself for many people. You’ve spent the time and effort on crafting your creative CV to bag yourself a seat in the hot spot. Now, you must focus on first impressions. We would like to think that people don’t judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately in this circumstance, they do. Here’s our hints and tips on mastering the killer interview look on your big day:

Research the company

It’s always better to play it safe in an interview, so you won’t be judged for appearing ‘overdressed’ compared to those you will see when you walk it. It is expected that you make an effort for the interviewer so if in doubt, dress up.

Thankfully, social media these days gives you a prime insight into the company culture. If the company are doing right by their marketing activities, then they will be posting lots of fun activities had at work along with special shout outs to their employees for their efforts. This will allow you to see what people wear. Most websites also have a team page with snaps of the staff included. This may also help you to identify what people wear on a daily basis. If you are fortunate enough to know someone who works for the company, then be sure to ask them for advice on your attire.

Be well- groomed

It doesn’t just come down to what you wear, but your overall appearance too. If your hair needs a cut, then what better excuse to get it done than for your big break. For the boys out there, when it comes to facial hair, the general consensus is to keep it maintained and looking smart if you tend to don a beard. If you don’t, then shave the stubble. For the ladies, be considerate of the amount of makeup you wear and how you style your hair. This is not Saturday night out on the town. Don’t forget your fingernails too – these will be on show when you shake the interviewers hand!

Plan your outfit

Do not leave it until the morning of your interview to search through the pile of clothes on your floor. It is inevitable that the one white shirt you were after has a stain or needs ironing. By giving yourself a couple of days’ notice allows you to change your mind and try it on before the big day to ensure it looks how you envisioned it. By planning ahead will leave the morning free to go over your notes on the company and plan your responses to some of those tricky interview questions designed to catch you off guard.

We always say, wear what you feel comfortable in. This will help with your confidence and distract the attention away from your clothes, so you can focus solely on the important questions asked of you. If you are in need of any advice or have any questions, then get in touch with the RedBox Team today!


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