14 September 2016
“University is the option we hear most about in school or college”

Half of school leavers are concerned there is too much competition for jobs, according to research carried out by Milkround. For those of you looking for new employment know how competitive the job market can be these days. Now in its third year, the report consisting of more than 2,100 respondents was presented at an Insight Breakfast in London on Friday, September 9th.

Key findings of the survey included:

  • 82% of students say university is the option they hear about most in school or college
  • Salary is the most important aspect of a job according to 60% of school leavers
  • 61% say subjects they’re studying have helped them to decide what industry they want to work in
  • 34% are likely to apply for a job after watching a branded company video
  • More than half (52%) would be willing to move abroad for a job opportunity

Milkround’s first Inside the Minds of Millennials Report was also launched at the event offering an insight in the future workforce of the UK. Topics include social media, marriage and children, professionalism, as well as social values.

Findings from the Inside the Minds of Millennials report included:

  • Nearly three quarters (73%) of those who qualify as Millennials actually would define themselves as Millennials
  • A quarter (24%) believe that being branded as a Millennial has negative connotations in the workplace
  • Nearly all Millennials (95%) are hoping to own their home in the future, and 50% want it to happen between 26 and 30 years old
  • A third are, or will be, saving for retirement between 20 and 25, and a similar proportion are expecting to retire between 66 and 70. Meanwhile, three per cent plan to retire at age 50 or lower

Michael Barnard, head of product at Milkround, said: “As the source for future talent, it’s essential for us to understand the way school leavers think about their careers whether they go on to university or head straight for the workplace.

“It’s fascinating to see that, according to our School Leaver Career Confidence Report, more than a half of school leavers would be willing to more abroad for a job opportunity while the Millennials report reveals home ownership is a primary concern with 95% hoping to buy at some stage in the future.”

Francesca Parkinson, head of marketing at Milkround, added: “In order to inspire career confidence among our school leaver, student and graduate audiences we first must understand their aims, concerns and influences. This allows us to build effective candidate-led attraction strategies that lead to increased employer engagement and higher quality applications on behalf of our employers and agencies.”

As Francesca clearly pointed out, we need to encourage school leavers and those looking to climb the first steep steps of the employment ladder. There are plenty of new opportunities arising daily and countless small businesses taking off that require new hot talent that can aid their business growth. The media need to focus of the good that is coming from the industry and not gloat on the concerns that can be easily diminished.

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