1 March 2019
UK employees reveal their dream careers

Do you wonder what your employees daydream about whilst sat bored at their desk or waiting for the kettle to boil? Maybe you have dreamt these yourself.

A recent Premierline survey revealed what pops in the heads of the frustrated workforce whilst daydreaming at work. And it is no surprise that most dream of starting their own business but sadly seven in 10 workers say economic uncertainty stops them from following their dreams.  The survey also discovered that 48% said that a lack of experience was holding them back whilst 43% had a  lack of confidence where as four in 10 said fear of failure was holding them back.

The top 10 businesses and careers employees dream of  are:

  1. Coffee Shop Owner
  2. Writer
  3. Property Developer
  4. Retail Store Owner
  5. B&B Owner
  6. IT Professional
  7. Pub Owner
  8. Social media Influencer
  9. Artist
  10. Franchise Owner

What career do you dream of? Is it one of the above or something else? Let us know.

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