14 January 2017
The top cities to work in for 2017 have been revealed

And you would not guess what the number one destination is!

Talk of the new year including new year’s resolutions and the ‘new me’ is still afloat throughout the country. A new year brings about a new leaf for many people and for the majority, this leads to finding a new career.

People nowadays realise the value of their time and do not want to be stuck in a dead end job feeling miserable for the rest of their days. If we are talking about you, as you make the decision to find a new job then maybe this is worth a read. The top 10 cities in the UK have been revealed by CV giants CV library. Good news if you already work in one of them and even better news if you are looking to relocate and you are unsure as to where to go.

Here are the top 10 cities in the UK to work:

  1. Liverpool
  2. Edinburgh
  3. London
  4. Southampton
  5. Portsmouth
  6. Manchester
  7. Hull
  8. Cardiff
  9. Glasgow
  10. Bristol

RedBox Recruitment are located on the South of England and can certainly vouch for both Southampton and Portsmouth. As the cities sit next to one another, travelling between the two is made easier due to transport links and motorways. Southampton is home to many large employers including the University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, Southampton Airport, Ordnance Survey, BBC South, the NHS, ABP, and Carnival UK. The research conducted by CV Library revealed that over a quarter of jobs available in the area are in health and education and about a fifth are in property. It comes as no surprise that the third largest sector is wholesale and retail due to the large shopping centre, West Quay.

Just down the road from Southampton, Portsmouth is also home to large, reputable employers including BAE Systems, EADS Astrium, IBM, and the Pall Corporation. Portsmouth also has its own large retail development called Gunwharf Quays that attracts thousands of visitors each year as well as the Spinnaker Tower, a British national icon. Portsmouth is both a fantastic place to live and work.

If Bournemouth were a city, we would guarantee it to make the list with the sandy beaches and number of financial companies with head offices in the town, makes it a prosperous place to work.

You can read CV Library’s blog here that includes details of the other cities mentioned above.



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