20 July 2020
Top 5 job hunting tips during Covid-19

Many people may find themselves on the job market at the moment for numerous reasons because of Coronavirus (Covid-19).  Perhaps you have been on the market since pre-Covid-19, or you have unfortunately been made redundant as a result of the pandemic.  You might currently be on furlough and placed on the coronavirus job retention scheme, which has given you a chance to look at job boards and re-evaluate your career or your current employer as a result.

If you are thinking of looking for a new challenge, here are our top 5 tips for finding a new role during these unprecedented times:

  1. Update your CV

If you’ve not been in the job market for a while, it is likely your CV will now need an overhaul. Update it to reflect your latest experience and any new qualifications you may have obtained.

The average hiring manager only takes 9 seconds to scan your resume before deciding whether to pursue your application. Grab the attention of your reader as soon as possible and hold it by promoting the skills and experience of yours that are most relevant to the job. Follow these tips to make your CV stand out:

  • Start with an impressive headline – Begin your CV with a two-sentence summary outlining your best qualities and achievements
  • Show your relevance – When outlining your work history and competences, include the experience/skills that are the most applicable to the job you are applying for at the top of the list
  • Don’t forget structure – Checking grammar, spelling, and formatting sounds obvious, but it’s easy to miss a small inconsistency: ask a trusted friend or connection to proofread for you.
  1. Boost your network

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, this should be your step one. LinkedIn is the place to be!

While you’re polishing your LinkedIn profile, spend some time using the search function and compose some short intro messages to send to new professional connections. This is the best way to expand your network and be more visible to relevant people in HR and key management positions at the companies you want to work for.

Remember, you’re not the only one who might have a little more ‘spare time’ just now. This could be the perfect time to connect with others in your career area – make connections with others in your field, or the field you’re interested in entering.

  1. Update your skills

The pandemic has brought about the luxury of extra time for some people. Why not use this valuable time to develop your existing skills or to create new ones?

Platforms including LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and Udemy offer online training that can help improve your professional profile and get you ready for the next challenge. Show employers, you can use a crisis and turn it into an opportunity.

  1. Plan ahead

Now could be a great time for you to reflect on your career to date and look ahead to the future and how you envisage that future being.  Perhaps it’s time to consider the age-old question, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”.  The hiring process may change after the coronavirus pandemic in the new normal, but the skills employers expect won’t.

  1. Be patient

It’s a very disruptive time for companies across the UK. While many are still hiring, recruitment processes are taking longer than usual. Try not to feel frustrated and stay in regular contact with your recruiter for updates.


Let’s face it – this is a very confusing and challenging time for so many of us. Yet, in times of crisis, staying positive and finding a focus can be a great way through the chaos. Despite the global economic slowdown, recruitment continues. If you have lost your job during this health emergency or are looking for a better position, don’t give up. Opportunities are out there. We wish you good luck in your job search.

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