29 March 2019
Top 10 work perks revealed

According to a study conducted in 2018 by the Association of Accounting Technician’s (AAT), us Brits spend an average of 3,515 full days at work over the course of our entire lifetime, with the average person working 188 days of overtime throughout their careers, too.

Spending such a large portion of your life at work means that work perks do make an huge difference to an employee’s experience and can help with employee engagement and boost office morale.

New research by Perkbox has discovered what are the most popular workplace perks. The study of 2,315 workers revealed extracurricular clubs as the most favourable workplace perk, with a pool table ranking as the second most popular work treat. Do you have a pool table in your office?

Chieu Cao, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder at Perkbox, commented on the results: “It’s interesting to see the list of the most popular perks. This list highlights that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when deciding which benefits make the most sense for your company. In fact, deciding which benefits to implement can often depend on the type of culture and industry the business operates in. Wherever possible, employers should listen to what their employees have to say, what they like and want.”

Top 10 work perks are:

1 Extracurricular clubs (97.57%)
2 Pool table (92.03%)
3 Ping pong table (89.38%)
4 Office sports team (88.59%)
5 Video games (87.83%)
6 Birth ‘o’ holiday (85.60%)
7 Discounts on holidays (85.55%)
8 Discounts at supermarkets (85.52%)
9 Free coffee and hot drinks (84.63%)
10 Discounts on restaurants and takeaways (83.24%)
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