14 February 2018
The Top 10 Popular Industries for Job Seekers Revealed

The beginning of each year always brings a surge of job applications, but what industry are people most interested in working in? The latest research conducted by CV giants CV Library found that construction and engineering jobs were the most searched for by candidates last month. This may be due to the liquidation of construction giant, Carillion in January which saw a number of people out of work in the new year. It was reported that over 20,000 construction jobs would be cut because of Carillion’s collapse, with many more businesses being at risk due to being involved with the company in question.

The data, which analysed over 55 million sessions on CV-Library’s site in January 2018, found that the top 10 most searched industries include:

Construction – 779,179 searches
Engineering – 660,858 searches
Administration – 490,741 searches
Manufacturing – 342,882 searches
Driving – 321,069 searches
Education – 244,342 searches
Finance – 212,880 searches
Social Care – 203,262 searches
Sales – 198,928 searches
Customer Service – 197,071 searches

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, commented:

“The country has been devastated by the liquidation of Carillion and there’s a clear link between this and the fact that job searches in construction and engineering have soared. It’s positive to see that candidate appetite is strong across some of the UK’s core sectors, particularly as these are industries that play a vital role in the nation’s economy. What’s more, these findings are great news for organisations in these industries, many of which continue to battle ongoing skills shortages. It’s clear that there are an abundance of fantastic opportunities for the nation’s job hunters right now, with last month’s data revealing that businesses have made a confident start to the year.”

While this huge amount of competition may appear like bad news for candidates, the UK also saw jobs increase by an whopping 38% over the same period, meaning there’s plenty of roles for job seekers to choose from. So have no fear and start applying today!

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