15 February 2019
The top 10 bad workplace habits revealed

When you develop and continue traditions in the workplace, you drive your company culture, strengthen your team spirit, and help employees feel more connected to your business. The best workplace traditions are those rooted in your mission, your core values and your company goals. However, CV-Library have revealed the top most irritating workplace traditions that workers would love to get rid of.

Here’s a list of the top ten worst habits, plus the number of people who want them gone:

1. 9-5 working hours (53%) 

2. Long meetings (34.6%) 

3. Professional dress codes (30.6%)

4. Having to work in the office every day (29.7%) 

5. Being made to call in when sick (instead of texting or emailing) (20%) 

6. Set lunch hours (17.8%) 

7. Annual performance reviews (16.8%) 

8. Set work spaces (15.9%) 

9. Signing birthday cards for colleagues (9.5%) 

10. Tea rounds (7.7%) 

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said:

“It’s no surprise that the 9-5 working day is viewed as the most outdated tradition. Flexible working in lieu of these traditional working hours is a particularly hot topic right now and is something that candidates should seriously consider when searching for work.”

It’s important to know what current traditions are in your business and to know which ones are important to your employees. Retain the valuable ones, reshape others, and over time, discard the less meaningful traditions. Your employees will thank you for it.

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