28 March 2018
Time to clean up your social media

Whether you are thinking about applying for a new position or even if you are settled in your current job, there is no time like the present to organise your social media life. Employers use your openness to share every minute detail of your life on the internet as an advantage point to them. Potential employers can scope you out before they offer you an interview date and current bosses may use the social platforms to make sure you are not bad mouthing the company and upholding the company image.

It is a risky world out there and one bad post or tweet could land you in serious trouble or worse off- jobless. You have probably read the countless examples in the media about an employee tweeting a racist comment and being fired instantly for their words. Please don’t forget that anything you post online, the whole world can see. You may think you are safe if you have your privacy settings up to date, but a friend may like or retweet your comment causing a snowball effect when it comes to spreading that message through their network and their friend’s networks. The world is a small place and somebody always knows somebody else that could link back to you. This is exactly why social media is such a powerful marketing tool for brands as messages can spread like wildfire across thousands of people within a short space of time.

Here are a few quick pointers to get you on the right track when it comes to organising your social media accounts:

  1. The first thing to consider is your privacy settings. Be sure that your profiles are set to private and only friends can see what you are posting.
  2. If you are a party animal or have a friend who likes catching you on camera doing something a tad embarrassing, you can review your tags before they can be seen by your friends. This again is done within your privacy settings. It will stop those embarrassing photos popping up on Sunday morning.
  3. It is always a good thing to know who your friends are on social media. Have you got current colleagues on your network? If yes, then be mindful about what you post and the impression it will have on you. Maybe consider having a clear out of your friends. Some people have 3,000 friends on Facebook, but we all know that is not true. Ask yourself if it is appropriate to have your boss and senior colleagues as friends? Do you want them to know what you get up to out of the office?
  4. Consider who you like and follow on social media accounts. This portrays a good image of your interests and hobbies so please stop following ‘Big Booty’s Maximus’.
  5. Be careful what you like and comment on. This will appear on people’s newsfeed. It may be a harmless comment or liking an inappropriate image, but again this defines you in the eyes of your colleagues.
  6. Remember what social media platforms are designed for. Linkedin is for professional networking and to help you to be noticed within your chosen field. It is not the place to share pictures of your cat and a selfie from the weekend’s antics.
  7. It may be worth scrolling through your wall / timeline to see what you have previously shared. A picture of you drunk at a party when you were 18 is probably no longer appropriate now you are 27 years old working your way up the cooperate ladder.
  8. And lastly- think before you post. Just as we are taught from a very young age to think before we speak, the same applies to sharing or commenting on social media. Remember one silly comment or image could land you in a very deep hole that you may not be able to dig yourself out of!


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