30 January 2020
Time for a new job? Where do I start?

Struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, even when it’s a Friday? Constantly stressed out at work and finding that your colleagues no longer amuse you, but annoy you? Then it is time for a new job!

As the saying goes, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’, but this is never truly the case. In order to move on from one job to greener pastures, depends entirely on the decisions you make next.

Karen Hiles, Managing Director of RedBox Recruitment explains that “When looking for a new career, you must focus on your strengths along with what gives you job satisfaction. Decide what is important to you whether that be location, wage, benefits, progression and go from there. It’s all about finding the right fit for someone; whether that is in the job itself or the company culture that encompasses the role.”

Making hasty decisions out of desperation is not a good idea. You may find yourself in the same rut you were just in. Take some time to answer the following questions about your next role:

  1. Where in the country would I like to work?
  2. What job roles am I interested in?
  3. What are my individual strengths in my current role?
  4. What have I enjoyed most doing within my job life?
  5. On average, what salary would I like to be earning?
  6. Are company benefits such a health care and free car parking important to me?
  7. Would I like progression up the company ladder over the next 3 years?
  8. Would I like to work in a small or a large team?
  9. When can I start my new role?
  10. Do I have appropriate referees from my recent roles that could provide references?

By taking the time to write down your thoughts will help you to have a clear understanding of what exactly it is you are looking for. This will aid the process of sourcing new opportunities.

RedBox Recruitment can help you find your dream job and make Monday mornings bearable once again. Snooze no more. Contact us today and tell us what will make you jump out of bed.

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