19 April 2019
Spring clean your work space

As the days lengthen and we feel the benefits of more sunlight, our thoughts almost instinctively turn to cleaning and freshening up our surroundings. And this includes our work-spaces.

Here’s some of our top tips to spring clean your work space.

Declutter & clean your desk

It may not be obvious to you as you have come accustomed to it, but you may be sat surrounded in what your colleagues describe as the local tip. You may think you know where everything is and each item has its own place on the mountain of papers, books and folders, but by simply decluttering your desk will make a huge difference. It will not only make you feel better, but you will also have a good clear out allowing you to gather the upcoming tasks / reports in an organised fashion.

Rip down the out of date post-it notes, recycle the unwanted papers and reports from past years and throw away the non-sentimental kinder egg toys. Research has proved that adding a touch of green to the office space encourages motivation so why not add some fresh flowers or a plant to your desk to replace the pile of rubbish?

Do you currently have a filing system? If not, get yourself a couple of paper trays that separate the different tasks. For example, ‘To complete’ or ‘Completed’ or ‘Need to file’. By having a visual idea of how much work you have, may also motivate you, but when the tray is empty will provide you will a sense of achievement.

Clean up your desktop

The organising spree doesn’t stop at your desk. Your desktop and emails too could also do with a spring clean. Do you have multiple files and folders saved to your desktop so that you can no longer make out what your background image is – is it a dog or a beach? Who knows! Is your inbox just one massive folder that contains everything? Use subfolders to help break up tasks or clients / customers. This will help you retrieve email conversations quickly and locate items with ease. The same applies to your desktop. The numerous folders will distract you, even if you don’t realise it.

Don’t forget about your internet bookmarks too. Organise websites into categories, either social or news related. This will all provide for a cleaner look and help you navigate your way around your computer quickly.

Add some inspiration

Offices can be bland and boring. Companies are aware that they have to provide an innovative working space in order to retain top talent. Some companies offer game rooms and chill out areas now. If you don’t have the luxury, try adding a touch of green to the office space, or recommend some inspirational artwork to spice up the office.

A few small changes and organisation can make a huge difference to your workplace. By doing this, we hope that your work life is super productive!

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