6 June 2016
They’re just not that into you

After watching the very humorous film, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ the other night on television, it got us thinking about the signs that candidates show us that they are just not that into you and the role you are trying to fill. It’s a sad, but familiar story for all of us recruiters. You find the perfect person who ticks all the boxes, but what comes after tells us if they are into the role or not. To avoid being strung along and sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring, or the email to come through, or the WhatsApp message to ping – and if anyone still uses Blackberry messenger, for it to go off… here are some tail tale signs to watch out for:

1.       Poor communication

With the endless amount of communication lines there are to date, there is no excuse as to why or how someone could have avoided your missed call notification along with your voicemail alert followed by your email to which you backed up with a text message just in case it went to their spam folder. If he or she is not responding, it’s a clear sign that they are just not that interested. We can appreciate that it’s difficult to pick up the phone/ respond to emails during office hours, but if the candidate is keen, then they will make it happen.

2.       Lack of questions

Be cautious of those with little or no questions at all. The ones that say yes to everything like the nodding Churchill dog, be sure that they understand what you are telling them. We appreciate that the candidate in question will need time to process the information you have given them regarding the role, but they must have something on their minds whether that be start date, interview process, qualifications required, why the person before left etc.

3.       Attention on money

We understand that the package offered must be appealing, but be wary of those who focus solely on money, commission or bonus – anything that has a pound sign in front of it. These may be the ones who turn around later down the line and ask to negotiate a pay rise.

4.       Poor diary management

It isn’t a good trait to have, especially for a candidate who is looking to land a new job, if they turn up late or constantly rearrange the date and time of the interview. This sort of disorganisation indicates that they are just not that into the role.

5.       Hesitance to meet with you

You invite them for a coffee and an initial chat to discuss the details of the role and they turn you down. It’s just like asking someone out on a date – it’s disheartening but most importantly indicates once again that they are not into the role or what you have to offer them. You are the gatekeeper into their new career world, they should be jumping at the chance to meet with you to find out more.

6.       Feedback worry

They finally turn up to the interview and you receive the feedback from the client. When passing this message onto the candidate, they’re not fazed – not a single blink. Whether the news is good or bad, they are not worried about what was said about them. Red flag!

7.       Serial interviewing

Just like a serial dater, this person is all about town, with their CV popping up on all sites and landing in numerous company’s hands. Not a good sign that you are their one and only. Find out what’s motivating them and ensure the job spec on offer is not only appealing, but a serious decision within their career. You don’t want them to take the job as a simple get out of jail free card and to leave again when another piece of candy shows up on the scene.

Be sure to watch out for the signs. If a candidate seems distant and unresponsive, try asking them out right. This will save you the heartache along with the many hours waiting for them to call.




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