5 January 2018
Surge in applicants this New Year

The New Year brings new years resolutions, gym memberships, diet plans and also new careers. The latter proved more popular than previous years as Jobsite received 39% in applications on their website on New Year’s Day. Whilst many were recovering from a hangover, or still in the party spirit, others were polishing off their CV’s and perfecting their cover letters.

The website, Jobsite, has seen significant year-on-year increase in job applicants who are looking for a brand-new position over the festive break. This comes as no surprise with social media shouting about ‘New Year, New You –  follow your dreams’. This is good news for recruiters as well as employers who are looking to increase staff levels to help kick start the year with a bang.

Nick Gold, CEO at Jobsite, comments: “Our data suggests there is an increasing number of workers feeling motivated to use their Christmas holidays to make positive changes and start their search for a new job. With competition to access the best roles first growing ever greater, job seekers are looking for any head start available to pursue new career options in the New Year over other candidates, even if this means forfeiting the time off afforded to them to relax over the festive holidays.”

Christmas day too saw an increase in visitors to the site by 30% with 12% more job applications compared to last year. New Year’s Eve was also a popular day with a 65% increase in visits. Jobsite also saw a leap in job applications on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 – with a 70% increase on the daily average in December 2017 – a day which the industry has named ‘Job-Search Tuesday’. This may come as a surprise to many, but the festive break allows for time of reflection and planning. With this surge, 2018 is looking up.

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