14 November 2017
Suits you sir

A Scottish accent has been found more successful than the Queen’s English for sales people


According to a new study from international call forwarding provider, it has been discovered that there is a link between the nation’s favourite accent and a salesperson’s success. It was found that Scottish trumped British as the most appealing accent in Britain. Would you agree lassie?

Telemarketing can be the centre of a business’s plan in order to achieve sales and who knew that accent had a vital role in the success rate of the call? A telesales role involves pitching a product or service to potential buyer and it was found that 15% of those asked felt Scottish was the most appealing accent followed by Queen’s English (13%) and Geordie (13%). Despite this, 1 in 3 Brits agree that the British accent is the most attractive. The least favourite accents that were found at the bottom of the pile were Brummie and Mancunian.

The research also found out how this would impact the chances of people speaking to a salesperson, with a huge 57% claiming they would continue to talk to someone who was trying to sell them something if they had their preferred accent.

Business psychologist Kim Stephenson from commented “If you go to an accountant with a low status accent you probably won’t believe he’s good enough, but a received pronunciation (RP) accountant is obviously competent. So, if you’re talking about things like newsreaders, call centres etc, it helps to have high status people.”

Explaining RP accents, Mr Stephenson said: “It’s not like Prince Charles or the Queen, that’s too distorted and strange. But people like David Attenborough sound like they know what they’re doing, so the announcers always have that sort of voice. Listen to Eton-educated people like Benedict Cumberbatch when he’s using his normal voice and not a character, you just know he’s clever – same as Stephen Fry.”

As well as regional accents, survey respondents were asked which accent across the globe they liked the best. The results revealed over a third (34%) modestly voting the British accent as the most charming, followed by Irish (15%), and French (12%).

Jason O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer at, said: “Half the battle of telesales is being able to talk to potential customers without being shut down within the first 30 seconds, so we wanted to see if accents had an effect on people’s willingness to stay on the phone and chat to a salesperson.”

We know that it takes more than a charming accent to win over a potential buyer on the phone. The length of the phone call also increases the chances of a successfully sale along with the pitch itself. It comes with both experience and confidence to be a sales person. If you are looking for a sales role, get in touch with the team today.

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