12 May 2017
Squid on the face

We had to talk about this. How could we not?! You may have seen it on the news or heard it on the radio as it hit the headlines last week and been asshocked/confusedd as we were. A call centre in Manchester has been reported to drop a squid on the face of those who do not meet their target. First question is where did they get the squid from? Second question, how is this supposed to motivate and encourage staff members to meet target? Is fear the new tactic? Or do they think it is funny to humiliate someone in front of the entire office?

The firm at the Central Claims Group helps people reclaim mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance or PPI. Yes, those annoying phone calls that we get inundated with asking about PPI! Company bosses at the Manchester office insist the ‘forfeits’ are voluntary, and that anyone who does not want to take part does not have to. They say it is a ‘bit of fun’ and claims that some other similar firms carry out light-hearted stunts.

Paul Lord, managing director of the firm, told the Daily Mirror, “Our sales teams volunteer to do it. We don’t make them do anything they don’t want to. It’s a little bit of fun and games if they want to take part. We have a completely different working environment to other businesses. There are other businesses in the industry who do things like that.”

We have heard of workplace challenges to encourage a competitive spirit, but not a punishment as it were if you are unable to meet a certain target.

If you are looking to motivate your staff then consider the following:

  • Reward great work
  • Invest in training
  • Lead by example
  • Offer a welcoming environment
  • Hold regular review meetings
  • Speak to your team and find out how you can support them
  • Don’t drop dead animals of their faces!

Motivation is highly personal and universal. Find what works for your team and make sure that you do what you can to keep staff excited about what they do and you’ll see the benefits – happier staff push themselves to excel, meaning a better bottom line, boosted productivity, and a happier workplace for everyone.

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