4 April 2016
Spooky Goings On

The trendiest way to break up from a relationship in 2016 is by ‘Ghosting’. What is ‘Ghosting’ I hear you ask – It’s the sudden cut of communication with a person to end the relationship, blocking them on social media sites and from your phone in hope that they get the hint. How cruel?! This is now seen within the job industry too.

Have you ever walked out of a job without a single word and never showed your face again? In 2016 the term has become increasingly identified within the business world, whereby employees leave their jobs by just simply not turning up to work anymore, ignoring their formal notice period and therefore becoming a ghost. A recent report stated that around 2.8 million UK employees have left a job through ghosting. Poor management style was the top reason why people left their jobs. Along with high pressures and ridiculous inflexible working hours also played its part in the ghosting phenomenon.

It also became clear that ghosting didn’t just happen on the part of employees with over half (52.8%) of UK workers saying they had been ghosted during the interview process by a recruiter. After clicking submit on a job application, more than half of applicants sit and wait like discarded lovers waiting for the phone to ring. Many companies seem to have adopted this harsh practice of “ghosting” when it comes to dealing with job applicants. The candidate experience has gotten so frustrating that many potential employees refer to the online job search as a “black hole,” where they submit CVs and applications, never to be seen or heard from again.

This new trend of ghosting using silence in order to convey the message, “Your application has been unsuccessful” or “I no longer want to work here” has to stop. For both workers and employees, ghosting can seem like the easy way out, but let’s be honest here – this is not good for business. It will affect the company reputation along with bad referencing for the employee. It’s time to be seen and heard and to stop acting like Casper.



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