25 January 2019
Should I include hobbies and interests in my CV?

Whether you choose to add hobbies and interests to your CV is completely up to you. If the hobby in question is not relevant to your role then we suggest not. If you need to cut down on pages and you have a sufficient amount of experience from previous employment, then there may be no need to add these in. However, if your hobbies and interests are relevant to your new role, then it can certainly help to include them especially is you have little experience in your chosen field and need help standing out of the crowd. If you have done work experience and even volunteered in your sector then you should definitely add them in. But what hobbies suit which jobs?

It may be obvious once you read the following, but at the time it can be hard to think how your hobbies relate to your role.

Marketing & Media

Include photography, art, blogging or video production. Activities such as these highlight your interest in the area and shows that you are a creative individual.

Business Development & Managers

Include team sports. These types of roles require you to work together as a team and also lead so by showing that you partake in team events could help.


Include programming, website design or gaming. If you have a genuine interest in the field, you are likely to have interests outside of work that are relevant.  IT positions require excellent analytical, problem solving, and quick learning abilities and games such as Chess represents this.

Constructing & Engineering

Include model making, lego or playing an instrument. Demonstrate your technical mind, focus, and project management skills by including hobbies that require attention to detail.

HR & Customer Service

Include community group involvement or performing arts. Hobbies such as these show off your communication skills as well as confidence.


Now we have mentioned them, you’re probably saying ‘Oh yeah!’.  Just make sure what you include on your CV isn’t a little white lie as you may be asked to talk about it in more detail during the interview.

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