10 September 2019
Settling into your new role

You have spent the last few months securing your new job as well as negotiating your new salary and what comes next can be more daunting than the first: settling in. The first few months are confusing, exciting and scary all at the same time as you work your way through your probation period, trying to grasp the job role and remembering all of the new names – Sarah, Sara, Sammy, Samantha, Becky, Becka … Argh! First impressions are crucial, but it’s also important to be yourself-  your awesome self.

Here are some tips to settling into your groove in your new job:

  1. Make your presence known – say hello to everyone you meet whether that’s in the car park, kitchen, elevator, bathroom (if the time is right). Do not sit there like a quiet mouse behind your desk. In a fast-paced environment, people may not have the time to introduce themselves. You may have to work with people in different departments so pop your head in and introduce yourself and the role in which you are doing.
  1. Discover where they keep the good coffee- offering to make a tea round is always a good step towards making friends, as well as giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself as you go around the room. People will instantly like you for making them a cuppa- especially if you bring in a packet of chocolate hobnobs to seal the deal.
  1. Make friends with a company veteran – Janice from finance has been with the company since day dot and knows all of the office politics as well as the inside jokes. Each company has their own individual way of working and you will have to adapt to this quickly in order to fit in. Good old Janice will also be there to help you find new stationery and the contact number for a certain somebody. You get our gist- if there is no Janice, there will surely be a Karen.
  1. Get socially connected – as the saying goes, it’s not official until you are ‘Facebook friends’. Update your new job on Linkedin and connect with people within the business as another way to introduce yourself; especially if they work remotely or in different offices. It will help to establish your presence. Now is also a good time to reconnect with old colleagues and to ask for recommendations on Linkedin to allow you to build your online portfolio.
  1. Get your work zone organised – before you can even begin to start doing a great job, you need to be set up. Make sure you have all the correct stationery, email logins, and passwords ready as well a diary or to-do list. Document what you have achieved each day and create a filing system in your emails to keep account of everything you have sent and done. This will help you look back at your probation review and to remember everything you have achieved and picked up in the last few months.
  1. Finally, find out where the lunchtime hot spot is – you want to enjoy your time at work and make new friends and what better way than spending time with them during lunch hours. You also have been craving a cheese and ham panini from day one.

RedBox Recruitment has seen many people through their first few months and it’s a privilege to watch them grow and become confident within their new role. Allow yourself the time to settle in and don’t put pressure on yourself as this will cause you to lose focus on your new responsibilities. Also a final piece of advice – don’t put on a new accent in order to fit in as you will find it hard to keep up!





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