30 November 2018
Secret Santa Gift Ideas

T’is the season to be jolly and the time for gift giving. Most workplaces will encourage a secret Santa whereby you are given a colleague to buy a gift for within a certain budget. But what if you don’t know this colleague? What do you buy someone you barely know? What if they are your work wife / husband and you have to find them the perfect gift for under £5? Where do you even begin? If this is ringing familiar bells, then don’t panic.

CV Library created a fun quiz to help you find the perfect gift. If you don’t like the answer then here are some suggestions for you:

  1. Go online – here you will find websites full of quirky, silly little gifts on a budget that can help take the hassle out of running around the shops. Our favourite can be found here.
  2. Hit the shops – if you would rather wonder around the shops to find your perfect gift then we recommend you make your way to the till areas. Here you usually find lots of bits and pieces that can make a great little gift for Susan in the finance department.
  3. Do some research – you hear us say this a lot but by researching your selected gift receiver, you can find out what they like. Ask around the office or do some social media stalking. It turns out they like cats? Great! Buy them a cat calendar.

Failing this then here are some safe options:

  • A mug – everyone has a mug in the office. Find one with their name on it if you have no idea what they like or get a picture from the previous office party where they are dancing on the table printed on it so they never forget that special moment.
  • A calendar – always a handy little gift for work or home. They can write all their important work meetings on it or use it as a food diary to record how many biscuits they have demolished in one week.
  • Chocolates – who doesn’t love chocolate? Make sure they aren’t lactose intolerant first though!
  • Fancy tea or coffee – at least you know they will drink it, even if it is just at work.
  • Socks – everyone needs socks. Especially with reindeer on to help them get into the Christmas spirit!

That’s us done for now. Please share your secret Santa gifts ideas with us (we are all out as you can see!)


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