10 October 2019
Top Tips for getting found on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one platform to find jobs and to showcase your relevant experience – think of it as your online CV. You don’t need to upgrade to premium to create a successful profile. You can customise your profile using the free version just fine. Here are our top tips on how to get found on LinkedIn:

Be active

Update your status regularly and consistently! According to the LinkedIn algorithm, this is essential to ensure you are maximising your reach to up to 60% of your unique audience. So don’t hide behind the technology, engage with it! Liking someone’s post is good, but sharing a helpful report, praising someone for their work or offering your opinion on a topic of debate is far better. The key to building relationships through LinkedIn is to get involved and ensure that your voice is getting heard.

Be open to opportunities

Let recruiters and employers know you’re open to job opportunities by altering the job-seeking preferences section and clicking ‘let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities’. Doing this will privately signal that you’re happy to be contacted by recruiters. You are twice as likely to get seen by recruiters by doing this.

Be public

Make every element of your profile public. You’re trying to maximise your personal brand and the reach this receives. Allow people to see what you’re posting as well as the posts you have liked. By becoming a regular contributor to people’s news feeds your audience will unmindfully become more and more familiar with you. It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform designed to help you expand your network, so it’s okay to keep everything public. The aim of the game is to build your personal brand!

Use a Professional headshot

Although this sounds blindingly obvious, you’ll be surprised how many people think a blurry selfie suffices as a ‘professional photo’. Whenever you apply for jobs, whether it be in engineering and IT or marketing, someone will be checking out your LinkedIn profile! A photo from your latest night out with your other half cropped out is not acceptable.

Join Groups

Did you know that if you’re in the same group as another user, you can bypass the need to be a first-degree connection in order to message them? If you’ve been a member of LinkedIn for at least 30 days and in a group for a minimum of 4 days, you can send up to 15 1:1 messages to fellow members each month- so the more groups you’re part of, the more opportunities you have to network.

Joining relevant groups on LinkedIn is important as it will broaden your network within the specific area you work in, exposing you to more employers, managers and CEOs – all of whom will now have a better chance of stumbling upon your profile. Don’t stop there though! To really attract attention to yourself you need to engage in the groups by asking questions, sharing knowledge or contributing to conversations. Perhaps suggest a good Engineering and Technology event in your region for your group to attend!


Set your profile to receive endorsements and encourage your colleagues and employers to endorse you for your skills. This is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes and for beating the LinkedIn algorithm, as employers often research candidates using a skills filter. This means people with the most relevant skills will appear first in their search. So make sure you have relevant skills and plenty of endorsements for them and start endorsing your colleagues! It is very difficult to receive an endorsement without feeling inclined to return the favour – so kick-start the process and endorse your colleagues!


So there you have it! Now you better get started on making your LinkedIn profile the best it can be…

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