8 July 2016
Recruiting for the new Prime Minister

With Britain exiting the EU and Prime Minister and government officials dropping like flies, it’s time for us to find the new Prime Minister of Britain! But what do we ask the candidate in question? The vacant role has got many people thinking that they could step up to the challenge, but do they have what it takes?

A London based agency has actually put a job advert out to the public searching for a ‘Country Happiness Officer’ otherwise known as the big PM. The advert states that expenses are not covered and applicants must hold relevant work visas and work permits. Salary is dependent upon experience; ‘a range of zero to 30 years will be considered.’

Dominic Jackman, Co-Founder of Escape the City, says that, while the advert started as a funny joke, there’s been an abundance of positive talent that has come forward to apply for the thrown – or big red chair – whatever the prime minister sits on!

“It started as a bit of a joke – but we’re going to go through with the application process, and will promote the winner to Parliament,” he continues.

“Our community is full of doers: talented, entrepreneurial, and determined change makers who aren’t going to waste time in getting our nation back to a healthy state – which is more than we can say for the current House of Commons.”

Duties for Country Happiness Officer include caring about “the happiness of people above all else” and getting a handle “on this headless chicken coop we call the House of Commons.”

If you were interviewing for the new Prime Minister of Britain, what would you ask them? Get in touch with your questions!

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