9 April 2018
Pros & Cons of social media coworker friends

Some people ‘like’ the idea of adding their colleagues on social media. Others ‘follow’ strict friending rules and steer clear of adding coworkers. But what is the right answer? The line has always been blurred when it comes to professional and personal friendships. Friendships at work are encouraged as it has been found to help eliminate stress if you have a work buddy that you can turn to. With so many social media platforms, what is the best one to use? We do suggest you consider the pros and cons of adding work colleagues before you hit the button as you may forget that your private life will be available for those to see. Remember those drunken photos from Magaluf on your Facebook page from years ago? Do you want your colleagues or even your boss to see those?


  • Building friendships outside of work
  • Sharing industry information and events
  • Creating groups for social and work activities
  • You are seen to be actively encouraging friendships


  • Mixing your personal and work life together
  • Opening yourself up to office gossip
  • Depending on the type of things you post, it may not be suitable for colleagues to see
  • Your activity will be seen by those friends of social including comments and likes

While the lines between our personal and professional lives continue to blur, not everyone’s comfortable connecting with colleagues on digital channels so the decision is up to you. Interacting with colleagues on social media can help build stronger relationships. But it should be done with care — you might not want to share everything with work friends that you would with closer personal contacts. We recommend connecting with people on LinkedIn as it is a professional network in which colleagues can recommend you for your skills and help you to find worthwhile connections. Take a look at what you currently post on social media and ask yourself if it is something you want your colleagues to see?

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