18 April 2017
What is your price tag? Top 10 jobs revealed by candidates…

People often ask the question, what is your dream job? For some it may be a pilot or a big shot banker, for others they are a bit more imaginative. We saw recently in the press for a chocolate tester that caused a media frenzy. Who would not want to sit and taste chocolate all day long and get paid for it (lactose intolerant and allergy related aside). But when you delve deep into the world of dream jobs, there are some wacky ones such as Bed Warmer and Professional Queuer (oh yes, not like us Brits shouldn’t get paid weekly for doing that!) that pay actual annual salaries.

A recent survey, from Indeed, highlighted the most commonly cited dream jobs for candidates and revealed what the roles pay. It comes as no surprise, that the jobs that attract excitable candidates offer a healthy work-life balance, flexible hours, working outdoors and interacting with people on a daily basis.

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director at Indeed, commented: “Jobs that make us happy tend to be those that give us a sense of purpose and fit who we are. Employees who are engaged at work and passionate about their careers are more productive, more innovative and inspire those around them to do their best.

“The jobs on our list are popular hobbies and passions turned into careers. Finding the harmony between the demands of a role and the responsibilities of daily life is hard, but it becomes easier when we do what we love for a living.”

We won’t keep you in suspense any longer. The top 10 jobs are:

  1. Sommelier – £42,689 (before you ask, it’s a wine waiter. Thank you Google!)
  2. Brand ambassador – £37,381
  3. Marine biologist – £35,848
  4. Brewmaster – £30,713
  5. Personal trainer – £28,630
  6. Game tester – £28,509
  7. Personal shopper – £22,491
  8. Cake decorator – £19,407
  9. Dog walker – £16,845
  10. Ski instructor – £15,798

Bill Richards concluded with, “Loving what we do helps us thrive as an individual and achieve great things as a professional. A true dream job is one that gives high levels of both happiness and satisfaction – and which consequently won’t even feel like a job at all!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. At RedBox Recruitment, we have a range of exciting jobs available today. It may not be a Waterslide Tester or Professional Tea Drinker, but it may be your dream job you have been looking for.

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