21 March 2017
What people REALLY earn

A new poll conducted by Oxford Open Learning has revealed what the Nation really thinks certain professions earn – and how wrong people were. Brits on average think solicitors earn a whopping 20% more than they actually do and that journalists are perceived to earn over a quarter (28%) more than their average salary.

Dr Nick Smith, Courses Director and founder of Oxford Open Learning Trust, said:

“A previous study we carried out found that money is the biggest motivator behind changing careers, followed by better working hours and personal interest. However, the results of this survey show Brits are overestimating the salaries earned by many professions.

“Among British workers, over half (52%) said that salary was an important factor when they chose their current job role. When it came to choosing a new career or job role, this figure increased to 68% – suggesting that monetary incentives are key for choosing a new career.

“Changing careers seems to pay off; over a third of British workers polled (34%) that had moved to a new job role said they had an increase in salary after the first year of their new career.”

Of the fifteen professions surveyed, ten of their annual salaries were over-estimated. You can see the full list below:

What people really earn - Recruitment blogOut of the 2,000 people surveyed, they also underestimated the pay of other professions such as thinking train drivers earn 32% less than the average salary. Headmasters of secondary state schools are perceived to earn £26,192 less also. But why is that? The poll was created to help people think about a career change. Has this made you think differently?



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