10 October 2016
Are you open to a new job?

LinkedIn has revealed a cheeky new feature that allows candidates to signal to recruiters that they are open to new positions – cleverly titled ‘Open Candidates’. The secret to career happiness is finding a job you love, however there is no way to tell the world that you’re open to new opportunities without worrying about your employer finding out.

Historically, the only way to announce to your LinkedIn network that you were looking for a job was to literally make it the headline of your profile. Slight giveaway if your boss was to stumble across it. Now with this new feature, once you change yourself as an open candidate, you’ll show up in recruiters’ LinkedIn searches, even if nothing else about your profile shows you’re looking for new opportunities. Great news!

The feature will only be viewable by recruiters who use LinkedIn’s Premium service. However, LinkedIn members are warned that the platform can’t promise that employers won’t know when they are job hunting, offering this disclaimer: “We take steps to not show your current company that you’re open, but can’t guarantee that we can identify every recruiter affiliated with your company.”

You can specify the types of companies and roles you are most interested in and be easily found by the hundreds of thousands of recruiters who use LinkedIn to find great talent. To update your preferences and become open, check out the blog by LinkedIn that explains how to do it.

BUT before you do so, make sure you update your profile. As we say time and time again, preparation is key and tailoring your CV will aid your chances of securing a job interview. Make sure that your latest positions are up to date, detailing your role at the company and your achievements. Ask friends and colleagues to write a recommendation on there for you too, giving the recruiter an insight into the type of person you are.

Job recruitment features like these play right into LinkedIn’s core business. Recently, the professional social network announced LinkedIn Learning, a new set of online educational programs designed to give job-seekers the skills they need to stay competitive. LinkedIn will continue to develop its platform for its core purpose, but in the meantime go and explore. Just be sure not to do it in your office where your boss might see you!

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