4 January 2020
New year, new you: Is it time for a new career too?

This is the time of year that people begin to think about or take actions towards a new career. Following the Christmas period, it allows people time to reflect on what they have learnt or achieved in the year and what their plans are for the year ahead. For many this involves a new job. The thought of spending another year in the same place can be too much to bear. How do you decide whether the time is right to move on and if you should?

If you’re unhappy of where you are currently and have begun thinking about new career prospects, there are a few things to consider before you take any actions:

What is making you unhappy?

By understanding the reasons why you’re considering a change in career, will help to determine the next steps. Unhappiness at work comes down one of two causes: either your fundamental needs and wants aren’t being met, or external factors and conditions are not right for you to thrive.

Are you unhappy with senior management or the boss? If this is the case and you actually like the job you are in, then find out if there will be any changes to management in the future. Is there someone else you can report to instead? Can you express your concerns of the person in question to someone else? Maybe someone in HR.

Company culture isn’t right

This is a huge priority to many people nowadays. Employees need to feel appreciated and enjoy the overall company ambiance for them to want to stay. It is not uncommon for people to job hop to find greener pastures and better company perks. Consider whether you like your colleagues and enjoy time spent in and outside of work? Is there a complete lack of company culture? Can you make suggestions for a better company culture?  For example, monthly team outings or rewards schemes to recognise achievements.

Are you in the right role?

Sometimes you can find yourself doing the right job in the wrong organisation or the wrong role in the right organisation. By discovering which way round it is for you, will help you to make the decision. Do you love the company but hate your job? If yes, then is there positions opening up in other departments that would suit your skill set? Do you love the job, but hate the workplace? Then it may be time to find somewhere new to work that shares your values.

What matters to you?

Is it recognition? Creativity? Challenge? Or Security? By identifying what matters the most to you will help you find the right fit. There is something out there with your name on it, you just have to find it.

What next?

When you take the time to discover what it is you actually want, you uncover the answer to job satisfaction. By finding your dream job in the right organisation, or even working alone, can make a real difference to your overall life. Think about what you want to learn and the differences you want to make and the world is your oyster. Good luck!

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