14 September 2016
A new survey reveals the top undergraduate employers

It’s been revealed – the top 100 companies offering the best undergraduate opportunities for students including placements and internships to vacation schemes and insights. The findings are based on the thousands of insightful student-written reviews published on RateMyPlacement. It has been collated from 7,000 reviews throughout the 2015-2016 academic year, the table ranks businesses that recruit more than 15 students a year and have at least 15 reviews on the site.

Microsoft claimed the hot spot this year. RateMyPlacement said Microsoft’s place at the top of the list reflects a general trend that has seen firms from various industries such as recruitment, professional services and law move into the top ten, which has historically been dominated by financial services firms. This included recruitment firm Hays moving into fifth place from 38th last year. Microsoft received reviews averaging 9.11 out of 10, on criteria including the amount of responsibility given, whether undergraduates felt valued by colleagues, overall impressions of the company, training and development opportunities, and transferable skills gained.

Ollie Sidwell, co-founder of, said: “It’s great to see that within our Top 100 there is now such a variety of industries, from finance to law and the entertainment industry. Showing that no matter where an undergraduate decides to take their career, there will always be a first-rate quality firm looking to employ them in their chosen sector. With the fall in the financial services firms’ positioning, it just goes to show that companies cannot rest on their laurels; they must continually invest in the future of students by offering high quality placements, or risk falling behind.

“In today’s highly competitive jobs market it is essential for students to showcase practical experience in their desired field in addition to their university learnings. Choosing the right undergraduate employment can heavily influence future career choices and our top 100 list should really help students make the best decisions for them – as well as providing a key platform to attract promising students to the top employers.”

The list also includes the Bournemouth giants JP Morgan at number 17, Lidl at 36 and ASOS at 54. You can see the full 100 list here.



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