5 July 2017
Is music good or bad at work?

This has always been an ongoing debate, is listening to music good or bad for productivity whilst at work? Listening to music at work can be more than just fun for some people, but necessary to zone out of the office environment and regular distractions. According to many professionals, music can have a physiological effect as it boosts the levels of neurotransmitter dopamine, a brain chemical that can help people focus. But does having a constant soundtrack to your day also distract you from the task at hand? That depends on the task. Research shows that under some conditions, music actually improves our performance, while in other situations music makes it worse.

The latest research compiled by an internet marketing company WebpageFX have created an infographic ‘Whistle while you work: Impact of music on productivity’ that contains a wealth of different research to answer the unanswered question, does music really make us more productive?


Here’s a quick summary:


  • 61% of employees listen to music at work to make them happier and more productive.
  • 65% of business owners believe music makes employees more productive.
  • Music release Dopamine that helps you to focus.
  • Music reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Dance music improves proofreading speed by 20%
  • Listening to music with lyrics can interfere with your ability to learn new information.

So in conclusion, music can be good for you whilst at work to aid productivity-  but the nuances of how music affects the brain also mean that it’s very bad news for certain tasks. If your work requires linguistic processing (if you’re writing something for example) then music with lyrics can interfere with your mental processes. The same applies when you are trying to learn new information. Make sure you pick the right playlist for the task in hand!

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