14 July 2019
Mission & Culture Matter More Than Salary

A new survey from Glassdoor shows that a company’s mission and culture matter most to job seekers over salary and perks.


Glassdoor’s Mission & Culture Survey 2019 found that over 77% of adults across four countries (the United States, UK, France, Germany) would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job there, and 79% would consider a company’s mission and purpose before applying. Furthermore, over half of the 5000 respondents said that company culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

“Across the countries we surveyed, it’s clear that job seekers are seeking more meaningful workplace experiences,” said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor President and COO. “Job seekers want to be paid fairly but they too want to work for a company whose values aline with their own and whose mission they can fully get behind.”

Interestingly enough, culture matters even more to millennials and younger adults. Our survey found that in the U.S. and UK, millennials are more likely to prioritise culture above salary. Plus, 73% of all adults surveyed would not apply to a company unless its values alined with their own personal values.

Gaining momentum throughout the UK and spreading worldwide, company culture is changing the way we think about work and urges us to consider how we can conduct business for the better. More companies are shifting their attention to creating more thorough brand cultures, and preserving them through ongoing development. If you aren’t doing so, then it’as about time you did. 

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