23 August 2016
Millennials – don’t waste their time

Accountancy firm KPMG has changed its graduate interview and recruitment process to suit the Millennials out there – people born between 1980 and 2000. Are you one of them? It was reported by the BBC earlier this month that KPMG granted the change following a survey which asked 400 graduates applying for a UK graduate job and discovered that a third were annoyed about the lengthy process.

KPMG says the new process will mean that job applicants will find out if they have got the job within two working days and their interview process will now occur over one day, instead of being three separate interviews over the course of several weeks.

KPMG’s Chairman, Simon Collins, said the changes had to made in order to compete with smaller businesses whose recruitment process is much quicker than KPMG’s currently.

“We are competing with the full gamut for the best brains and talent leaving university,” he continued, “getting our graduate recruitment right is crucial to the long-term success of our business.”

The new process now includes video interviews aiming to help attract graduate recruits from a wide range of disciplines, similar to the idea Goldman Sachs had back in June when it had scrapped face-to-face interviews on university campuses in a bid to attract a wider range of talent.

It is stated that Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. That is big! And if this turns out to be true, then many larger companies need to reconsider their current hiring processes and recruitment length in order to snap up the top talent from the overcrowded pool.

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