25 January 2017
Looking for a job in 2017? Here’s the top 10 industries to look out for

The end of January is almost over. Those who are attempting ‘Dry January’ are close to their finish line and their first cold pint in what feels like a decade. January has been a busy month for all recruiters as people decide to take action and find a new career in the new year. The CV giants, CV Library have scowled through their research and job boards in the UK’s key sectors in 2016 to discover the top ten industries to work for in 2017. If you have been out there hunting for jobs, or you have just begun your search, then take a look at the following industries to consider:

  1. Design

Do you have a creative flare? Then this is good news for you!  The design industry is said to be ‘booming’ in 2017. The research conducted by CV Library revealed that jobs within the industry were up 43% last year. If you are a graphic designer, designer, interior designer, product designer of photographer then you are sought after! Get out your CV’s and make sure they represent just have creative you are in order to stand out from the rest. The salary is competitive too!

  1. Leisure & Tourism

The number two slot goes to leisure and tourism. This industry was up 33% last year, but so was the number of applications for the jobs. Scotland is said to be a key location to start your search as research revealed that people working in Scottish Tourism rose twice the rate of the UK. There must be something that we are missing out on!

  1. Catering

Do you consider yourself the next Jamie Oliver? There is an apparent skills gaps when it comes to the masters of the kitchen with jobs in the catering industry were up by 33% in 2016.

  1. Legal

Brexit has brought fears to the legal industry, but research shows this to was up by a massive 32% last year.

  1. Agriculture

Level pegging with the legal sector is agriculture with a 32% increase in jobs in 2016. Agriculture is a unique industry to work in and requires a certain skill set and passion. Applications rose by 41% in 2016, with an average of 19 candidates battling it out for every role available. The research found that the most ‘desired jobs’ were: agriculture, gardener, warehouse, driver, and labourer.

  1. Automotive

Despite the automotive industry facing fears with Brexit, what with experts claiming the sector will suffer in terms of funding and jobs, new research suggests otherwise.

  1. Social Care

The social care industry has hit the headlines as of late with many ‘negative’ claims, but the jobs themselves are rewarding despite the hard work. The industry is not short of jobs in the sector and require more support that ever during the ‘crisis’.

  1. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry vacancies were up by 26% in 2016 with high competition for the roles.

  1. Marketing

In 2016, it was found that the most desired job titles in this industry were: marketing assistant, marketing manager, marketing executive, account manager, and copywriter. If this is your dream job, you better include some creative fluff in your applications!

  1. Education

Don’t be deterred by recent headlines of school budgets nearing breaking point or other education-sector horror stories as anyone who works in the sector can confirm how rewarding this can be.

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