19 November 2015
Looking into the future

What does the future hold for recruitment in 2016? With the year rushing past at lightning speed, we think about what next year might have in store for us.

Linkedin has revealed some of the key areas for recruiters to focus on, having surveying a whopping 4,000 talent acquisition decision makers for their latest Global Recruitment Trends report.

Here are some of the key points RedBox Recruitment took away from the report:

  • Employee retention has emerged as a top priority for 2016. Currently businesses / organisations measure employee turnover rather than the quality of hire.
  • The biggest challenge faced by organisations is ‘Hiring Volume vs Budget’. This has always been a problem and affects their talent strategies as they cannot develop and grow with the changing times.
  • While 43% measure quality of hire through hiring manager satisfaction, 50% measure through new hire performance evaluation- but leaders lack confidence in measuring quality.
  • The top source of quality of hires is social professional networks like Linkedin but employee referral programs are on the rise.
  • Employer brand is on the rise once more as there has been more focus on outbound channel strategies like social media and online professional networks. This means a strong relationship with their marketing departments is crucial in growing brand awareness.
  • It may be time for companies to focus on internal hiring.

With trends and strategies constantly changing with the times, all one can do is be prepared and be flexible. Who knows what the future has in store for us recruiters, but we are excited to find out.

You can download the full report here  and let us know your thoughts and comments about the report findings. #RedBoxJobs



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