26 August 2018
What to look for in your next job other than £

With stress and mental illness hitting the headlines again this week, it is important to consider your well-being and to put yourself first. As your job takes up the majority of your weekly time, you need to enjoy what you do in order to reduce stress. There’s more to life than the money you earn each month, and by finding the perfect job will help getting out of bed on a Monday morning a whole lot easier.

Culture is key

Company culture is important and has been on the top of the agenda for many companies. Find a culture that is flexible and suits your personality.   A culture of flexibility suggests a results-driven focus—one that is more interested in you successfully completing your job to the best of your ability rather than being a slave to the clock.

Be passionate about what you do

The old saying is completely true, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Look for a job that keeps you motivated and interested, not just wishing for the pay cheque at the end of each month to help you through. Choose a role where you feel you are adding value and making a positive difference.

You are valued (and you know it)

This will depend on the company culture and how the senior management have been taught to treat their staff. When you feel appreciated at work, it makes you want to continue to do a good job. It creates loyalty without you realising it. It will make you think twice about leaving the company and will also encourage you to spread the word about how good the company is to your friends and family thus creating employee referrals. This appreciation can be communicated through respect, incentives, or just an old-fashioned “thank-you.” Trust from an employer is something that will always be appreciated by an employee, especially when the employee is given the opportunity to grow and develop. This will make you a better person if you can learn new skills and be mentored by someone in a position you aspire to be in.

Find a stable work-life balance

As we said previously, work isn’t everything and life can sometimes interfere with your working week. If you have an understanding employer, this will make these humps in the road manageable. You must enjoy your time outside of work and not bring work home with you. It shouldn’t be expected of you that you continue to work over the weekend and check emails if the workload isn’t suitable for one person alone. Remember, you don’t get paid for worrying about your job on a Sunday evening.

Finally, find a job that allows you to be you and you also enjoy the people you work with. As the saying goes, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’ If the job brings you satisfaction, then you are on the right track! Everyone has a bad day at work, but if you are surrounded by the right support and attitude, then you will be able to pick yourself up and learn from the challenges and mistakes made. If it is time for you to find your ideal job, get in touch with the team today!

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