22 May 2016
LinkedIn has been hacked, again

It has been reported by the BBC that a hacker is advertising what he says is more than one hundred million LinkedIn logins for sale. What does this mean for us recruiters? LinkedIn is often used to send work-related messages and is the main social media platform to find new career opportunities – activities LinkedIn members would want to keep private. This latest security breach could mean private candidate data could potentially end up in the wrong hands. It’s not only the information that can be found on LinkedIn which is bad, but the criminals in question could also see if the person uses the same password across multiple channels.

LinkedIn plans to reset all of the accounts of those thought to be compromised, according to the BBC.

A LinkedIn spokeswoman commented on the data breach to the BBC: “We are taking immediate steps to invalidate the passwords of the accounts impacted, and we will contact those members to reset their passwords.

“We have no indication that this is a result of a new security breach.

“We encourage our members to visit our safety centre to ensure they have two-step verification authentication and to use strong passwords in order to keep their accounts as safe as possible.”

Candidate and employer details are said to have been advertised on at least two hack-related sites, with a total of 117 million passwords said to be included – according to the BBC.

The big social media kings are constantly under fire from hackers and criminals alike; we urge you to change your password regularly and to not use the same password for multiple login details. Keep your private information safe, despite it being on a public platform.

You can read the full article via the BBC website here:


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