20 March 2017
Is jargon putting you off from applying for a job?

A recent study has highlighted that youngsters, those aged 16 – 24 years, are put off by ‘impenetrable jargon’ when applying for jobs. The words ‘fulfilment service’, ‘KPIs’ and ‘SLAs’, had many people at a loss and didn’t understand what would be expected of them. A whopping two out of three people asked confirmed that they could not understand a role they were applying for because of confusing job descriptions.

Grace Mehanna of Business in the Community, said: ‘Understanding jargon is not a measure of a young person’s potential or an indication that they are a better candidate.

‘We’re concerned that the prevalence of business speak in job adverts aimed at first jobbers is a major barrier that could inadvertently screen out young people without access to working role models and networks.’

“These are the job seekers that are least likely to have support preparing for job applications, least likely to know someone who works in the company or sector they are trying to break into, and therefore least likely to be able to overcome these barriers.”

The report was based on a total of 80 young people who rated the job descriptions of 65 companies for the report. It was stated that companies ‘talked up’ roles, making them needlessly complicated or creating unrealistic expectations. The recent findings come from the report by Business in the Community and City & Guilds who over the past year have asked young people aged between 16 and 24 to rate the accessibility of over 65 companies’ entry level job adverts, which between them collectively employ 1.2 million people across the UK.

Jargon was found to negatively impact young people’s confidence, by making them feel they “don’t deserve” a role or are “not good enough” to apply as they feel “intimated” by the job descriptions or “unsure” of what they’ll be facing.

Here are the other ‘barriers’ that put people off applying for a job:

  • One in three didn’t mention salary
  • Two in five didn’t state working hours
  • One in seven didn’t give a specific location
  • More than half didn’t outline the different stages of the application process
  • 62% didn’t outline the time frame of the recruitment process

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