27 June 2016
Which industry pays the best?

Have you ever wondered if you made the right career move or can achieve anything close to your dream salary? CV Library have compiled a list of the top-ten industries with the best paying salaries of 2016 so far. Are you lucky enough to be in one?

  1. Construction

With an average salary of £44,359, the yellow hat is not to be dismissed. The construction industry is said to be thriving this year so if you have a skilled mind set and enjoy being outside, then this may be the job for you either in development, logistics or management. It’s not all about large building sites; there are jobs within the home too such as painter, decorator or plasterer. The opportunities are endless in this field and it is a skill that you can take with you wherever you go. If you were looking to move abroad one day, a trade is always handy to have in your back pocket.

  1. IT

It comes as no surprise that IT is one of the top paying industries. With an average salary of £40,845, it’s not just the skilled coders that are required in the IT industry –  it is also the business analysers and those who have attention to detail. As technology becomes an integral and vital part in all businesses today, the demand for IT professions continues to grow along with the number of qualified courses in the field to sign up to.

  1. Management

Are you a natural born leader who can delegate and motivate a team of people? Management may be your calling with an impressive average salary of £40,073. It’s becoming easier to step into management positions within a company and a degree can also fast track your progress too. Management skills consist of communication, leadership and decision making – all of this comes from experience.

  1. Consulting

With the same average salary as management, consulting is becoming a popular route when going self-employed. If you are an expert within a particular area, then consulting may be worth taking a look into. Companies look to recruit consultants to help guide and direct their business decisions. This can also be a stepping stone into a senior role and reward you with the experience, title and not forgetting the salary to continue to rise on your career ladder.

  1. Medical/Pharmaceutical/Scientific

The average salary for this sector has risen by 7.95% since 2015 – a healthy increase in any industry. With the possibility of earning an average wage of £36,295, this sector is becoming more sought after with young professionals, especially those with an interest in science and a passion to help cure the many diseases found today.

  1. Engineering

Engineering is considered one of the most revolutionized industries out there and engineers are currently in huge demand due to the skills gap. There are at least 50 sectors to consider within engineering including aerospace, automotive, electrical, mechanical and transportation. This was once a male dominated industry but no anymore! With an average salary of £34,919 and endless career paths, check out engineering today.

  1. Electronics

The electronics industry crosses over with many others including IT, engineering and even consulting. Depending on the direction you intend to go in, there’s software or hardware to consider or if you have a passion of electronics, but would prefer to instruct others on how to do it, then consulting is a path too.

  1. Telecoms

It was once claimed that the telecoms industry was a dying trend, but fear not! We are constantly looking to develop new technologies and integrate this within business and consumer communication, so the world is literally at your fingertips!

  1. Media

As we know from social media alone, the media industry is thriving but also very competitive. It requires you to be motivated and driven to come out top and to beat your competitors on a daily basis. It requires someone who has wild and crazy ideas to help a brand go viral and you do this in many positions from social media marketing to marketing executive. There’s also the competitive market of TV, radio and film, but if you ae able to break into Hollywood, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Public Sector

The public sector has an average salary of £31,697 and shouldn’t be dismissed. The range of jobs along with skills required are vast and diverse from HR to teaching, social care and armed forces. The sector is funded by national taxes and you find that those working within it are passionate and driven to provide the best possible service for their country. Sound like you?

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