18 July 2017
On the up – industries to consider working for

Following on from our recent blog about salary increase despite BREXIT fears, the research reported by CV Library also recognised the industries in which have seen steady increase year on year when comparing the data.

If you are looking to change industries or seeking new employment, then the below industries may be worth noting due to the increase in job roles available in the sectors.

Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library said: “It’s great to see that businesses across the UK are continuing to invest in growing their workforce. It’s particularly positive to see such a high year-on-year jump in job vacancies across key sectors.”

Please find below the industries with the biggest increase in the number of vacancies since Q2 last year:

1. Manufacturing – 24%
2. Charity – 21%
3. Automotive – 20.4%
4. Social Care – 18.2%
5. Property Services – 16.3%
6. Recruitment – 14.8%
7. Engineering – 11.2%
8. Design – 10.4%
9. Agriculture – 9.9%
10. Construction – 7.2%

Despite the year-on-year increase in the number of positions available in these key industries, application rates across the UK fell 3.4% year-on-year. Lee Biggins explained, “It’s clear that candidates are not reciprocating this confidence, with application rates dropping across the UK.

“We hope to see candidate appetite pick back up – especially given that there are some great opportunities out there in many of the UK’s top industries.”

In CV Library’s report, they stated:

The UK has experienced a very turbulent time since Q2 2016, with Brexit negotiations now in full swing. It’s therefore positive to see that both job vacancies and advertised salaries are on the rise across the nation and that businesses are not slowing down despite our economic future being unclear. As uncertainty surrounding the general election continues to spread, it’s not too much of a surprise that application rates have dropped, but we hope to see these pick back up as we move on through the year.

You can see the full report here. 

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