12 April 2017
The incentives maze – what your employees want

It is hard to know what your employees want when it comes to incentives and office perks. In a candidate driven market, employers need to be offering a range of incentives to motivate their staff and create loyalty. With global giants like Google offering haircuts and bring your pet to work days, it’s no wonder they have a rating of 4.5/5 on Glassdoor along with 92% of their employees saying they would recommend the company to a friend. As we know employee advocates are the best form of brand marketing out there, so it’s time to utilise your staff.

A recent survey conducted by Reboot of 1,200 marketing professionals, questioned them about the benefits they currently receive along with if they had to choose, what the top three work benefits would be. The results showed the following:

  • 66% stated their company offers some form of benefits/ incentives.
  • 70% of employees say it makes a difference to their motivation at work, and job retention.
  • 25% would take one job over another because it offers more/ better incentives.

The most popular benefits were related to job progression and flexible hours, with the provision of training wanted by 60% of respondents, followed by flexi-time (58%) and more holiday allowance (55%). Does this come as surprise? The top work benefits in descending order were:

60% Job related training courses

58% Flexi-time

55% More holiday allowance

50% Greater responsibility

45% Partial travel reimbursement

35% Assisting in side projects

33% Monthly socials

30% Early finishes

25% Gym membership

20% Weekly lunches.

Shai Aharony, Managing Director of Reboot Online said “I think it’s important to offer incentives and benefits to employees to show them you appreciate their work. I like to keep my staff on their toes; maintaining the thirst to learn and achieve, while ensuring there is never a dull moment. I take my staff boxing training with an ex-European champion every Friday, even giving them the chance to “hit the boss”, which has proven popular! I recently organised a competition; the prize being a flying lesson. I noticed the difference it made with motivation levels and when meeting targets.”

A wide range of unconventional incentives are being increasingly offered:

  • the scrapping of work hours was offered to a meagre 1%
  • flexi-time was reportedly offered to 16% respondents
  • 4% are provided health care on-site
  • 3% are allowed time off for volunteering
  • 15% are provided a staff holiday, 10% are offered adrenaline fuelled activities
  • 5% offer unlimited alcohol on Friday’s

It is important to offer a number of different perks to suit your employees. If in doubt, then the best way is to conduct a survey or ask employees during their appraisals to discover what will aid their motivation and increase productivity.

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