19 October 2019
The importance of employer branding

A strong employer brand can help businesses to attract and retain top talent in this competitive market in which we live in today. All organisations have, consciously or otherwise, an employer brand that helps to distinguish them from the crowd. It’s not just about the logo and the colours, it’s about reputation, beliefs and the way in which the brand makes you feel. Employees are fantastic advocates for the employer brand and need to be utilised in order to spread the word far and wide. If employees do not believe in the brand, then businesses will lose top talent and struggle to attract target audiences through the doors and helps secure the achievement of the company’s business plan.

The employer brand is the identity of a company as an employer of choice. Establishing an internal and external employer brand requires an understanding of both talent and the company’s needs and wants. You must think both inside and outside of the company box to consider the company direction, satisfying current employees as well as getting the attention of new talent. By answering the following questions will put you on the right track in terms of planning and implementing your employer brand:

What are the company’s strategic objectives?

What are the talents’ career objectives?

What roles within the company are most critical to your success and what do you need to do to attract and retain the best talent in these areas?

What are the typical characteristics and attributes of current employees and what are their future requirements?

What makes the employer stand out from the rest?

Answering the latter, will help to generate the Employer Value Proposition (EVP). The EVP is the set of unique employer offerings that are considered valuable to top talent.

How to strengthen your employer proposition:

  • Promote company culture and rewards
  • Show what success in the business looks like
  • Promote awards and accreditations such as ‘Top 100 employers’ or ‘Investors in People’
  • Demonstrate a commitment to CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  • Promote your commitment to career development and training

Effective employer branding is the combination of market research, advisory services, communications, and marketing to achieve both a credible and desirable brand position. Once this is in place, the road ahead will be made clear in terms of expectations and goalposts. Through talent acquisition and retention, the end purpose of employer branding is to grow the business and achieve strategic business goals. Now is the time to review your employer branding and make sure you are in good stead for the future.



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