9 June 2017
Google creates job site ‘Google Hire’

It has been announced that Google is working on a LinkedIn-style tool which employers can use to find and manage job applicants aptly called Google Hire. And no, your potential employer won’t see your browsing habits – phew! Though Google Hire’s login page can be accessed, signing-in doesn’t seem to actually work for the public just yet.

LinkedIn has become an established platform for candidates and employers and is the main go to when starting a job search. The professional networks have grown in their millions and it has made searching for a job or an ideal employer easier than ever and Microsoft has recently snapped it up.

As a result of this recent Microsoft and LinkedIn integration, CRMs now have direct access to nearly 500 million LinkedIn users for the purposes of lead generation and recruitment.

Most employers will do a Google search on your name before they hire you, so be sure there’s nothing incriminating to find such as a drunk photo of you attempting to dance around a lamp post.

A Google represented commented: “[Google Hire] will allow employers to collect candidate applications online,” the spokesperson clarified. “Only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application.”

This can only be good news for recruiters. While LinkedIn has always been a standalone platform where candidates must manually populate and update their profile, Google is an already-established service that could pull the appropriate existing data through to relieve the burden on the user. In theory, this could lead to a far higher registration rate than that of LinkedIn.

Google isn’t the only one putting its spin on the job application process. Facebook has also played around with tools for finding people work. Users are able to find help-wanted posts at business pages on Facebook or by looking in a new ‘jobs’ bookmark on the leading social network’s mobile application. The popular app Snapchat was recently used as part of the McDonald’s hiring process in Australia.

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