6 March 2018
‘Good Salary’ trumps the list

In January this year, we saw a staggering 83.6% application rate across the UK alone. With this surge of new applicants, CV-Library set out to discover what was the priority when it came to a new job. It came as no surprise that a good salary (58.1%) and friendly colleagues (48.2%) topped the list for the 1200 workers asked.

The survey conducted found that over half (55.6%) of the nation are unhappy in their current roles. Are you one of them? When asked what they believe to be the biggest contributing factors to their own workplace happiness, they answered with:

  1. A good salary – 58.1%
  2. Friendly colleagues – 48.2%
  3. Great company culture – 40%
  4. Room for progression – 33.5%
  5. Learning new skills – 28.2%
  6. A nice boss – 22.4%
  7. Flexible working opportunities – 13.3%
  8. Good location close to home – 11.5%
  9. Interesting daily responsibilities – 10.9%
  10. Good workplace perks – 10.4%

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, comments:

“Candidates are storming the job market like never before and it’s clear that many are searching for roles with a strict set of criteria in mind. As such, it’s important that businesses are offering the full package. But this doesn’t just mean fair salaries and workplace perks. A great company culture and a friendly workforce should also be a priority.”

The results varied from men to women, with 61% of men saying salary was more important and friendly colleagues came top of the list for the majority of women 54%. These results differ to the findings back in 2016.

Biggins continued: “It’s interesting to see this shift in career priorities, with professionals no longer placing as much importance on the role itself. It’s definitely important to enjoy what you do and this should always be a priority when moving jobs. That said the move is not surprising given ongoing economic uncertainty, as today’s professionals seek financial stability.”

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