17 March 2016
Game on!

If you didn’t already know, gamification is going to be big in recruitment. Gamification is adding typical gaming tactics, theory and mechanics to day to day activities as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. Digital approaches like this are transforming talent acquisition and helps motivate people to achieve their goals.

A good game ingrains itself into the consciousness and subconscious of the person playing, to make them have one more go or to continue to complete the next level. By taking this philosophy, you can also apply it to recruitment. The best example of gamification is on your Linkedin Profile. When you log in, you have a profile strength bar at the top of the page. This constantly encourages you to complete more sections and add additional information to improve your profile strength until you are a ‘pro’. This allows Linkedin to receive more quality information about the individual.

You can build gamification into the number of candidate touchpoints to inspire engagement such as social media platforms and career sites. People like to respond and comment to posts and are encouraged by other people doing the same. Make sure your content is simple yet entertaining and consider the principles of gamification.  Opinion polls, candidate surveys and page ratings can all be used to increase the impact of interaction, while league tables and leader boards ensure an element of competition to a page or post.

Recruiters and businesses can also include gamification within their referral schemes by receiving points each time a colleague refers a person and if that person gets an interview, more points are added.

The point is to create a buzz along with brand awareness which in turns drives traffic and engagement. But is it also about encouraging people to go through to the career sites and explore opportunities offered by the company. The key to gamification is how addictive it can become across all generations of people.  As you play the game, we become more engaged, feel a greater sense of accomplishment and are more willing to make more effort to achieve a goal. And because of this progress, we continue to increase our engagement with the game and reach new levels.

The important thing for you to work out is what you want to get out of it; what is it you are trying to achieve with your new recruitment process? The answer to this question will help you focus on the right action for your business, and will help you avoid jumping on the gamification train, just because it’s here.

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