2 August 2019
How to: Follow up on a job application

It can be disheartening to hear nothing after applying for your dream job. You spent the time adapting your CV to suit the job role and included relevant skills and experience in your cover letter, but have yet to hear anything. With so many applications received per job role, recruiters and hiring managers may not have the time to respond to each candidate and this can be found in the job description occasionally. Rather than sitting and waiting, you can connect with the hiring manager to ask for an update on the application process. If done so in the correct manner, and isn’t aggressive, then this can work. If you applied for a job via a recruitment company also, the same applies.

By being aware of how busy the hiring person is during this time of filling the position, is a good start. We recommend starting with an email. The number one preferred choice of communication for recruiters comes in the form of an email. Compose a couple of sentences thanking them for taking the time to review your application and ask them if they have any further questions for you that you would be happy to answer. Keep it short and sweet. Before doing so, make sure you have a professional email address set up and are not using your old email account:

The second form of contact may be by phone. This can be seen as a direct approach, but if you are applying for a Sales or PR role, then this may bode well for you to show your initiative and lack of fear when it comes to picking up the phone. It can be as easy as asking whether they’ve received your application and enquiring as to when they’re looking to make their decision. If you’ve been unsuccessful, ask for feedback and thank them for their time.

Social networks are also a popular way of touching base. If you have spoken to the recruitment agent previously, then it may be ok to connect on LinkedIn. This will also be a good way to stay in touch in the future and reach out when needed. Just remember to keep it professional. Stalking them on Instagram and following them may not be the best way to go.

Finally, a handwritten letter is always a nice touch. Similarly to the email, keep it short and state that you hoped that the application has been received successfully and reiterate some key points as to why you are the best candidate for the role.

Once you have decided on how to follow up, you need to consider timing. Allow the hiring manager time to collect additional applications. There may be a closing date on the job advert so be sure to check again. Some adverts include when interviews will commence. We do advise not to pester the poor person by emailing, following up with a call before adding them on LinkedIn. If you are having no luck with an application, taking the time out to contact a recruiter directly could be a complete game-changer and one which we at RedBox Recruitment are happy to receive. By telling us your skills and prefered industry will help us to find your dream job.

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