6 February 2016
February is the new January

Like so many others, we are starting our New Year this month. January was the trial run of new goals, gym routines and diets. We can all admit we have failed miserably, but the good thing is that we can always start over.

Rather than posting a motivational quote plastered on top of an image of a tranquil beach, we are going to write a short blog to help motivate you for the ‘New- New Year’.

The recruitment industry in the UK is bigger than ever before at £31.5bn. That’s a whopping £4.5bn larger than the pre-recession peak of £27bn. Margins improved considerably across the entire industry last year, with permanent hires resulting in the most significant rise.  This is good news for us.

With the New Year, we the recruiters have the opportunity to transform our profession’s reputation by demonstrating the value we add to not just the clients and candidates, but the economy as a whole. That’s right.

There is now a degree-level qualification, launched by The Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) that not only teaches you about business planning and financial management, but also goes above the Level 3 and 4 diplomas currently available. If you are planning on tackling this year head on, what better way to get focused than to go back to school?

Along with the industry being bigger than before and new certified qualifications now available, we must remember that recruiters make a difference to people’s lives: we help businesses get the skills and talent they need and we make our jobs market work. Along with helping everyone out there find their dream job. We are awesome!

So now that we have overcome the January blues, it is time to make 2016 better than last year!




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