14 February 2019
Employees want to break up with their job

Love is in the air this Valentine’s, but that’s not the case for many UK employees. New research from CV Library of  1,200 UK professionals revealed that more than half of UK professionals are rapidly falling out of love with their current job.

It was found that 55.6% of UK employees aren’t happy at work, while a massive 42.6% of those asked expressed quitting their job as the solution to their unhappiness.

Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library explained that it is normal for parts of a person’s job to irritate them.

“However, if these grievances are making you dread going to the office in the morning, then get to the root of the problem. Set aside some time to work out whether it’s your career choice which is making you miserable, or just the environment that you’re in.”

The number one contender for unhappiness at work was not being paid enough (42.9%), while 38.7% said that there was no room for progression within their company which led to despair. 33.4% of respondents said that poor company culture was a major turn off and lethargic daily routines would encourage them to quit (22.1%). Over half of UK professionals believe that it is time for them to start looking for a new role if they are so unhappy at work. Yet, 56.1% explained that workers are keen to give up their jobs far too easily.

Lee Biggins explained that people who have expressed an interest in quitting should think about it long and hard before taking any steps:

“Especially if you’ve just started a new position, as it can take months to really settle into a routine. Alternatively, if you’ve spent years at a job and are bored of routine, then try switching things up. Although some parts of your job may be out of your control, create opportunities for yourself. Seeking out new responsibilities could even lead to a promotion!”

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