31 May 2018
Employee advocates are the best!

We base the majority of our decisions on referrals from booking a holiday to buying the latest pair of shoes. We trust what others are saying and rely on recommendations in order to make a decision. This is creeping its way into the recruitment industry as companies have begun to realise the importance of listening to their employees and trusting their judgement.

Candidates are smarter and more informed than ever and use the internet as the key source to researching into a company’s culture before applying for a job.  Employee Advocacy is a term used to describe how companies are utilising their online assets in order to attract new talent by allowing their current employees to rate and review a company. This can be in a form of a blog or using real employees in their advertisements and videos.

The thought of an employee rating their job may scare most businesses, but this is proving more and more popular. Do you incorporate employee advocacy into your recruitment process? It may be time that you do.

In the candidate driven recruitment world, top talent is becoming hard to find. The important cultural fit is also an issue that needs to be considered when hiring the latest candidate. Recruiters need to up their game and think about employee advocacy whether they are internal or external. Using a real story from Jane in Marketing may be exactly what the candidate is looking for when trawling through the evidence.

As we said before, candidates are smart cookies and are delving deep into the company history just as much as recruiters do to them. Facebook profiles are always snooped at to find an inappropriate picture of the candidate doing tequila shots whilst standing on a table, but what if the candidate found a bad review in the form of a social media post from an angry employee dissing the company. Recruiters need to be up to date with all the secrets hiding in a company closet.

If employee advocacy is on the cards for your business, you first of all need happy employees. Introducing this new trend will be unsuccessful if you have fifty disgruntled workers upset about the recent bonus structure or lack of pay rise. We are aware of employee retention and how to keep hold of the ‘goodens’ through bonus schemes, benefits and overall company jazz. The programme will need to worked across various departments including HR to make sure everyone is on board.

Employee advocacy may be exactly what your company needs in order to help attract the good candidates and enhance your online brand. You will need to consider your online marketing strategy and how to slip this in discreetly without making it obvious and cheesy. Just another trend to think about to stay on top of the recruitment industry.

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